✏ Mistakes we’ve all 🙆‍♀️🙅‍♂️🙎‍♀️🙎‍♂️made a few
Lucky 🤞the holy💫 spirit, tells us 👉 what to do

“Young🏃‍♀️ and 🤕dumb,” a term used to describe someone 🕴
The same can go for people 👥👤whom our wrath😠😡🙍‍♂️🙍‍♀️ they succumb💔

🙏Thank the Lord for forgiveness 🛐 and LOVE 💛
Can’t turn back hands on a ⏰⏱clock, but we CAN try to ⬆️ rise above 🌊

Anonymous 💙



When EVERYTHING 🌎 is gone🗺 ☝️G-D IS ALL🙏 WE HAVE💙



🙏🙌 I will worship the Lord my ⬆️G-D and Him☝️ only will I serve 🛐

🚫Not today 😈satan!! The pit of hell🔥 is what you deserve

I will not🚫 be afraid😯 of the terror😱👻 by night ⛼
For I am not🚫 afraid to stand up🤺 and fight🥊

I am not🚫 alone👱‍♀️, for there are many of us🏋️‍♂️🏍🚴‍♀️🤼‍♀️🏇
Ready for the fight 👊of our lives, in ☝️G-D we do trust 🙏

🗣👂Rumors of war💣, won’t be rumored at all
🇺🇸America take heed🏚, a humiliating fall⤵️

This spiritual💫 battle will soon come to an end ☄🔥
So what are you waiting for🙆‍♀️, tell 🗣all of your friends 👩‍⚕️👨‍🏫👩‍💻👨‍🔬👩‍🍳👨‍🚒👩‍✈️

When everything🌎 is gone, it may be too late⌛
Let’s love 💙one another and not🚫 give in to hate 😠

Anonymous 💙





So much 🗑wasted⌛ time Lord G-D☝️
When you’re the one I love 💙💞
You’re beyond 🤗enough… enough

Cuz you’ve made my🏡 life brand new
From the old👵 me who was a fool 🃏🎪
💙I love you, 💙I love you-🤚it’s true, true

🛐I adore you, I do
And I will always adore you 🙏

😢 I implore you, I do
Bring my troubles😟😭 all to you

I will speak 🗣of you
📯📣 I will speak of you

The ☝️G-D of everything 🌍
There’s new life⛅ in Him so, sing👨‍🎤👩‍🎤

Let ☝️Him bring ⛅new life to you
It’s G-D who holds the truth👊🗝
☝️G-D’s truth🤚can be found within YOU💞

This former orphan 💃now has a Father🛐  …..   Just the same, G-D☝️ can give you fresh living water🌊

🎩Happy 💫👑Father’s day, G-D🛐

My heart 😚❤and soul 💫 are forever YOURS🤗

Anonymous 💙

🙁Defeated 👎


🥊Fought a case in court⚖ today
👨‍⚖Judge overshadowed by 🌫fog and haze 😯

Unable to see👀 what justice 👮‍♂️deems
Or just doesn’t care🤷‍♀️ about those 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦who should be redeemed 💪

Really sucks when 👩‍⚖justice isn’t🚫 on our side
Thank ☝️G-D for the 💫💨holy spirit, our 🤔intuition and guide 👣🚶‍♂️

Despite my loss☹ at justice today
🤗Thank you ☝️G-D for the 💛hope of a brighter 💥 day ⛅

Tomorrow if you will it, I’ll get back up,🤺
Live to fight🏋️‍♂️🥊 another day, take down the EVIL 😈 and corrupt 🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♀️

Anonymous 💙

When the 🌎World is 🤺Against You 😓



When the world 🌎 is against🤺 you, pick up your sword 🏹🔪
☝️G-D IS ALWAYS WITH US, strength🏋️‍♂️💪 from Him is our reward🏆🥇

I’m not a good 😒person, and I 😠curse a lot
But ☝️G-D knows my heart 💛 – I love Him with all I’ve got 🤗

When the world 🌍 is against 🚫 me or those that I love💕
I use all I have 👩‍⚖⚖to give them a righteous shove ⛰🏔

I pray🙏 for my enemies👥🕴👤 even if I’d like to punch👊🥊 them
But, I hope and 🏇🏄‍♀️⛷strive to be a better gem💍

I don’t want to be a 🙍‍♀️hateful person,
🛐Lord, help me deter⚠️ from transgression 🔥

Father ☝️G-D I trust in you… 👂hear my 🙏plea, and be with me👱‍♀️

Also be with those who🤐😕😔🙃 struggle, while WE are all stuck inside this bubble ➡️🌍 … Amen!


Anonymous 💙


Former Pope📿⛪ Chillin’ w/ a Demon👹





No disrespect to the ⛪ 📿FORMER POPE,

But this creepy😱 pic 🖼 just isn’t a joke🤣

WHAT THE HELL🔥😈 is that THING⁉️❔
Reminds me of 📖REVELATION 13:15.

👹👾A gold demon set-up🖼 in the vatican📿 -kind of SPIRAL🙅‍♀️🦐
😲NO wonder it had been going VIRAL💻📲❕❗

At first I thought 🤔it was a piñata🎉🍭🍬🍫 🎉🎈… at least the 👹 demon didn’t drive in 🛣 by way of a Hyndai Sonata🚗

Anonymous 💙









👳‍♀️💂‍♂️🕴People don’t know but, I’ve kept myself pure 👼
💄🚫 Celibate for 3.5 years🙆‍♂️…. The new me 👱‍♀️ feels secure 🔒

The old me was crazy😨 a super wild thing 👿
I was even married👰 to a Chinese🏯 DRAG👗👠 queen👸
[➡️NO🚫 JOKE🤣⬆️]

NOT 😶embarrassed, that WAS me
My OLD twisted🙅‍♀️ life –
No wonder I was filled🍺 with 😓anxiety & strife 😢

🏪OPEN, accepting is how I described it – A self-termed “TRY-sexual”👫👬👭🌈 someone not 🚫 bias

Outside appearances📸, inward confusion🙃🎢 Something inside me💔 always said that’s delusion😱🤕

🚫No REAL satisfaction😁 – All make-believe🎬🎞😈 passion

1 day alone 🙊left with a blank stare😩
I prayed🙏 Lord G-D, help me become more aware 👀

Immoral🚫 desires💄conditioned📺 in our minds🤕
☝️G-D can take that away🌬 to make us refined 🛐🍷

Random people 👨‍🚒👮‍♀️🕺🏃‍♀️👳‍♂️👩‍⚕️👴💂‍♀️👨‍🔬👩‍💻😜still hit 🎯on me-
“NO THANKS,” I’m celibate☝️, you see

Or, I’ll say,🔊 “SORRY, I’M WITH SOMEONE”💫⬆️
🕵️‍♂️❔”OH YEAH, what’s his or her name?”⁉️
“☝️G💙D, 1 and the same.”

My only regret😞 is having ⌚🕰waited so long….
Who’d a known G💙D can make us so strong🏋️‍♂️🏋️‍♀️

🚫Don’t sew your👨‍🌾 oats in sex 😢sorrows & woes😲 just because 🤹‍♀️everything goes in the sex/circus🎠🎡🎪show🎬