Looking Back

Looking back at my short life,
Tonight🌃 with friends👫,
Who’ve seen the strife.😢

What I’ve gone through,
The many names📝,
The foster homes🏡🏤🏠🚪
That wouldn’t change.

Abandonment I know too well,
Abuse😩😦 and pain🚔🚑🏥, I mastered HELL.🔥😈

2018-10-05 01.45.44


From never wanting to wake up😴🔪🔫💊 AT ALL,
Through present day,
NOW professing YOUR👆…….  ☎📞📲 CALL.

Time⏰⌛ to tell others👪👮💂👲👳what you have done,
For ME👱 and OTHERS👵👴👸💃💆, because YOU are the 1.

Who deserves all 💥💫glory,
All honor and all 🙌🙇🙏praise,
Here on earth🌎,
For the rest of my days.📆

How you found me👱, I’ll never know⁉❗,
Once inchained by satan😈, NOW in your 😚arms I grow.

Knowing one day your face I’ll see 👓,
My soul set free from now until infinity.💥☁💫

I love💛 you Jesus, my King.👑

images (3)-1.jpg

MATTHEW 11:28, “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

Anonymous. 💙


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