War, Rhetoric, Prophecy

PEACE✌ or WAR💣, which one’s in store?

As it stands now, nobody knows⁉.

The bible📖 says there will be both,

It’s like a “planned” 📃 top secret oath.

What Countries🌍 face-off in this deadly scam,

Israel, Russia & China are part of the “plan.”

2018-10-06 02.50.302018-10-06 02.50.09

What’s strange😯 to me – are these Countries,

Because my family👪 has all 3.

Married to a Chinese man,💆
Have Russian Family,💂- Jewish🔯 faith. Why this all began!

2018-10-06 02.49.49

It isn’t “people”👳👲👱👮👵👨 who cause these wars💣🚢🚡,

Mind-playing games🎱🎳 open these doors🚪.

How do end times⌛ come into play?

G-D💫 is warning📣 🚧 it’s time to PRAY🙏!

Not for the people who open doors🚪to war💣,

But for shadow👥 entities who rule👑 and keep score📋.

This isn’t about nationality👳👲👮💂,

It’s about a fight👊 called PROPHECY💪.

Gog and Magog, before Armageddon🔥🔥,

But don’t fear, G-D is our only weapon🔫!

After these things we get to reign👑,

With Christ Jesus👆, isn’t that insane?

How cool to think 1,000 years📆,

A millennial rule, with NO fears😱 or tears😭.

Until satan😈 sneaks out again,

But then gets moded👊 by Christ,
And that’s THE END OF HIM!👏

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