12 Tribes /Zion

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➡Some say an African region is where true Sion LIVES,

➡The bible📖 explains differently and speaks of end-time SPIVS 😗😠.

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Historically 📀📼recorded JESUS spoke 📣 Galilean Greek ARAMAIC,
Hard for Him to have ministered in a region NOT JUDAIC🔯.


As we know the “Son👆 of Man,” came to earth🌍 to preach to JEWS🔯,
This group consists of the 12 tribes 💂👲👳👱💆👴👮👦💃💏👵who were to receive “good NEWS📰.”

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The bible references G-d’s elected City as  Z – I – O – “N ,”[letters]
Samuel, Kings & Chronicles -books which don’t require YEN💲

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We know that Ethiopia is 1 of the 12 TRIBES,
Location🗼🗽🗻 isn’t the focus here,
ZION stands 4 what 👆💫G-d biblically 📖 IMPLIES.

⤵ ⤵ ⤵ ⤵ ⤵ ⤵

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