G-d’s Protection

We live on a planet🌑 – it’s called earth🌎 …
G-d👆💫owns it, HE created it
G-D gave it BIRTH.

Yet our lives are controlled by an elite💲👥 few …
Who pollute🔫💵🔪 the world and tell US what to do.

The Bible📖 says we should follow all of man’s laws📝 …
Until those laws conflict with His👆💫… our Father’s call.

No point in venting😦, it’s too late…
Operation “dumb-them-down”😣💡😮 worked great!

But 1-day📆, and maybe it’ll be soon⏰ …
Confliction with elite, will cause world doom.

By upsetting Russia💂, Iran👳 – and maybe China💆 too…
Leaders ponder and reason to logically construe.

These are just some thoughts to avoid a nuke💣🔥…
Instead, I’ll 🙏pray, try to prepare – after I puke😝.

Now let me move onto 5G📳,
Useless microwave technology📵📴.

False promises of faster speed 💻📲…
Our government smokes🚬 way too much weed🌿.

May G-d👆💫 help us in these end times😈,
For without Him, we will die from these crimes🌁🌆.


PSALM 32:7, ” Thou art my hiding place; thou shalt preserve me from trouble; thou shalt compass me about with songs of deliverance. Selah.”


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