Race Wars in 2018


When you👇 👀watch the 1st 📼 video, you YOURSELF will 👓 see,

Just how insensitive😠😡 people within our 🌏world can be.

For the 📚 record, I don’t agree with the 🏷 “title,”      [of the 1st video]

It’s the content 📰of the 2nd 📹 video that I find to be 📊 🗂 vital.

I don’t care what 👳‍♀️💂‍♂️🤖☻👵🙉👾color or creed you are, because in the end WE ARE ALL MIXED by far.

Maybe not in RACE color, what I mean is by “CREATOR.”

⬆️ G-D loves💙 us 1 and ALL, there is NO EQUATOR.⚖


Instead of looking at 👫similarities, Unwise judgment is made on rarities.

Even after hundreds of years 👊🥊fighting for unity🤝 and equality,

Toiled down the 🚱drain is 😖madness and discontinuity.

Don’t forget ⬆️ G-d made 12 Tribes 🗺Ethiopia & Africa are within this MIX-   IF you’re filled with hate, please STOP 🚫and get your 🤕 brain fixed.

Don’t let society or 👩‍✈️👨‍⚖government divide you or I,

G-d made all things perfect and what’s right is simply alright 👍



Anonymous 💙

⬇️ This was was just cute 😙 ⬇️


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