⚖ JUSTUS Is His Name!

The 💫⬆️ G-D of 🕎 Abraham is whom I serve.
Mocking 😈 deities want to be like Him. 🤔Imagine… the nerve!

Who can compare to my creator, G-D? NONE.
He created all things.. the 🌜🌃moon, the 🌟✨stars, the 🌝sun.

For 💫⬆️ G-d has always been and always will be,
He formed 👦Adam from clay – it’s 📖biblical ✒history.

Sin came to be from the 🏞Garden of Eden,
But 😈satan was defeated; his 🎱games are always 👊beaten.

G-d sent His only Son to set 🙇‍♀️us 💨free.
From the grasp of ⚠️sin and the 💩enemy.

People say there is 😇💥💌meaning behind everything-
So, let’s ✍de-code the name of our 👑 King.

Christ Jesus – 💪⚖”Justice,” is His Name.
WHY? Because it was He who took the blame.
For our ⚔sin, 😢sorrow and 😔shame.
Anonymous 💙


⬇️ ♡ COLOSSIANS 4:11
“Jesus, who is called JUSTUS, also sends greetings. These are the only Jews among my co-workers for the kingdom of G-d, and they have proved a comfort to me.”


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