Wisdom & An 👵Elder’s Vision


Even as a poor foster 🏃‍♀️child I was taught to 🤝respect,
Older 👴👵people called “elders,” whom we should not neglect.

⏳Time flies by – we increase in age, limits are given, 📊limits projected.
One day that 👵”old lady” MAY be me,
Ignored, dismissed, neglected.

I always thought I’d die 📅early,
Quickly reminded I’m 🚫NOT in charge of me.

So who is in charge of me? His name is ⬆️💫G-d,
He created both you and me, with so much ❤💓💕love.

Just like a 👨‍👧parent, He raised me to do things 👍right,
I messed up a lot😞 and even left his side.

But He waited for me patiently,
Finally, from 💨spiritual 🕶blindness I was cured, now I 👓👀see.

Was this an envisioned miracle or 💥💭prophecy?
He took away all the 🤕hurt I held deep inside of me.

I feel renewed, an entirely new 👱‍♀️person,
I try not to look back, because the 💊💉pain just isn’t worth it.

Embrace the holy spirit, Christ’s 🎁gift to me,
You can have it also, have 🙏Faith and believe.

And just like me, your life will change,
But, problems and ⚖trials won’t go away.

A sense of 💸worth will fill your 💖heart,
You’ll feel 💪🏋️‍♂️empowered and 👊fearless- it’s a good start.

Your goal will be to 💥shine His 💡light,
From your physical person – it’s worth the 🥊fight.

The 😈enemy will flee because he must,
G-d holds the 🗝key, from 🌇dawn to dusk.

The 📖 bible says wisdom is taught,
By those who have lived, and have already fought…

🚢🚀🛳Battles we are faced with, which they have already 🏆won,
So that our troubles are rapidly dealt with and 🛣gone.

I read an 📰article about a 90-year old 👵woman,
A 💨👀vision of prophecy – people instead thought 🤕delusion.

Her envisioned prophecy was in 📅1968,
50 years ago… a 🗣conversation debate.

The problem is, her 🙅‍♀️🙆‍♂️visions have all come to pass…
There are only 2-3 left to be 👺unmasked.

I googled 👩‍💻when can these things be 📺seen,
Turns out 1 of 3 last major things was in 2017.

This is just how close the ☠⚰end can be,
The word of ⬆️💫G-d should be 🙇‍♀️embraced by you & me.

I’ll post the article below, ⬇️
For you to 📔read and 💻⌨🔎de-code on your own, I’m sure you’ll see!






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