✡End-time 🐂🔥Sacrifices


Unbelievable, the times📰 we live in,
Didn’t think I’d be ⚰alive to 👀see 🌎🌋😰madness happen.

G-d, I truly wish 👨‍👩‍👧people would stand💪 tall,
But the 🌍world continues in 🤐chaos,
No one 🗣professes your ☎️call.

It looks like the ✡Sanhedrin is getting 🎲ready,
Practicing 🐂🐔🐐🔪🔥sacrifices.. everything’s in 🕍🎢place – all is steady. ⬇️

Do they know what they’re welcoming in?
It won’t be ☝️💫⛅messiah, more like Hitler’s 🙍‍♂️🙎‍♂️twin.


As I said in a previous 📝🖊poem,
It takes one, to 🤔know one.

⁉️What does that mean?⁉️
One step closer to that fake 😈thing.

Inadvertently I followed 🤡satan’s ways,
But then I woke up🛌 and now see thing as they are.

The 🕵️‍♀️fake one will come in, acting as a 👑king,
Instead, he’s the 🐷🐽🐄🎭abomination of everything.

Just like the 🔙⏰time of the ✡🕎Macabees,
Evil 🤡pretends, aiming to 🃏🤹‍♂️please.

Once it’s in 🇹🇷🇻🇳rule, grab a stool-
Because, it 👎won’t be good, for me or you.

Grab some 🍿popcorn, the 🎥shows about to start,
Repent 🙏daily, show ⬆️ G-d your true 💙 heart.

May the Lord ⬆️ G-d not give up on us,
Through 🙌Christ Jesus – 👊strengthen and encourage us.

Remember, 🚫 don’t 😭fear that which kills the ☠ body,
Fear the ⬆️ G-d of 🔯Abraham, our creator, ⬆️ HE’s NOT ⚖shoddy.

Anonymous 💙


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