LiFE & 🚣‍♂️Noah’s Time⌚


🤔 I thought I knew the meaning of it all;
But, everyday we 👩‍🏫 learn -every other day we 🕺fall

That’s what life is – a series of ⬆️ups and downs⬇️
A daily teaching to help us ✋stop looking like 🤡clowns

So why did G-d take people out, during 🚣‍♂️Noah’s time⁉️
People became truly defiled, darkness spread and so did crime👮‍♂️👨‍✈️

Animal sacrifices 🐐🦌could no longer cleanse ….
Sin🗡 😈 so great, it no longer required
G-d’s use of a lens 🔭

What was 💫 G-D to do with all 🌏creation…
He caused Noah’s flood 🌊due to people’s 🤘👭👿👬🖖🕵️‍♀️👹💩 many abominations?

For ☝️G-D to live within us and mark us w/His name ✒
We needed to be cleansed 🛁- to eliminate all shame😕

Christ was killed for saying He was the Son of G-d;
📣WE are children of the most high G-D-
💁‍♂️Let people strike us with a rod🏑

😎See, ⬆️G-D has always existed;
Along with Jesus Christ and the💨Holy Spirit

Our Father G-D is 🛐💫HOLY
He said, “no one with 😈 sin will come to know me”

😈👿Yet, sin continues on… as it has throughout the 📅years
Similar to Noah’s time, sin causes G-d sadness and tears 😢

There will come a time 🕰☝️G-d’s mercy and grace will cease… ✋
Until then take a look 👀 around the 👤darkness among us does increase

We are told 🔊 these things ahead of time⏳
To separate things that matter…. Things truly☝️ devine🙏 💫

IF IT WASN’T FOR CHRIST, there’d be NO 🚫 paradise🏞

We would have all been damned to hell 🔥 for sin including lies🗣

Only 10 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 from each generation will be allowed to see G-d in the hereafter ⛅⬇️

Isn’t that WILD… Does this matter??? 🙆‍♂️🙆‍♀️


The above is a little fact 📈 from Judaism teaching 📃 I thought 🤔 should be mentioned –

BUT, in the end, what we should be hoping for is our ascension ⬆️⛅ 🤗

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