👿WITCHES & Warlocks👤



I once thought witches weren’t real💭
But, they openly live among us🏘
They🗣💆‍♂️ chant spells with boldness and zeal

A bewitching hour⏰ has come upon us
Yet people are so dismissive💁‍♀️
Celebrities openly profess paganism👿
People’s evil laughter😆 is derisive

TruNews Founder Says Gisele Bundchen Is A Witch, Tom Brady’s Soul Is Doomed Forever


Quite telling, the times 📰 we live in
An hour ⌛Jesus warned us about📖
Sin in America 🗺 has spread so far
Brethren must have 🤺 courage, stand tall and shout

📯📣”The time will come when no one will believe,”
That time seems to be NOW🗓
No different than in Abraham or Noah’s day
📚History repeats … somehow.

Just as evil 😈gets it’s way, so do all believers💪
☝️G-d stands with us, WE ARE THE WINNERS🥇🏆
May G-d bless you, and keep you away from deceivers.👺👻


Christian Witches Convention: Yes, It’s A Real Thing – YouTube

Anonymous 💙

“Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live” (Exod 22:18) and contemporary Akan Christian belief and practice: A translational and hermeneutical problem


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