💙 Valentine’s Day 💞


Another 👹 pagan holiday 💘 has our way come
Therefore, I’ll use it to honor the one that I love 🛐

G-d the Great “I AM” is ☝️His name
Of Him, I will never be ashamed

So powerful that He’s 3 in 1
The Father, the Son 👨‍👦and Holy Spirit 💨 dwelling ⛪ among

⬆️ He gives me more love 💙 than I could ever need
He protects 👮‍♂️ and defends me, my enemies 😠 must take heed 🏕

☝️He is my shelter from any storm ⛈
When I am ❄cold, it is ⬆️He who keeps me warm 💂‍♀️

I let Him down- 😕 everyday – I’m to blame
Yet He lovingly forgives 💖 me, despite my shame 😔

YOU ☝️Adonai, are my ultimate love 💝
As wide as the sky⛅, pure and white as a dove🕊

🙏To YOU, G-d, be all glory👑💥💫 and honor 🛐
Without YOU in my life, I know I’m a goner⚰

Agape 💞 LOVE is the purest kind
For YOU are all ⚡powerful and sublimely devine 💫


Anonymous 💙





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