Nothing new under the sun🌞……         The 📖Bible forewarned many years ago
Yet, CERN👨‍🏭👨‍🚀👨‍🔬👨‍💻 behaves as if they have 🔋🔌power and/or control

CERN announced their stairway to a dimension 🌌
A 🎵song by Led Zepplin🎸
📝Plagerizism against ☝️G-D, true creator of “ascension” ⬆️

Hadron Colliders or modern time machines 📡💻🖱
🚫NOT man👨‍🏫 but G-D holds the 🗝key to all these things

Creators of confusion 🙃 and utter illusion 🎆
These certified mental patients 🤕 dwell in delusion 😲

The future👽🔬📲 is important, but so is our past
Crisis averted, the die is cast ➡️📖☝️

📚History repeats, all 🕵️‍♀️hidden was once concealed📰
People take from other 📖sources, and re-wrap what was already revealed

1 cannot get away with the 🤣mocking of G-D☝️
For ⬆️He💫 will humble 😟 and correct you with his mighty rod ⚡⛈🌊🔥because of His LOVE💞💙

Anonymous 💙



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