An abomination is who I am 👱‍♀️
Someone I didn’t know, but now I understand 💡

A jacked up baby from the start
A lonely kid 🏃‍♀️with G-d☝️ in her heart💙

💔Ripped apart, my innocence gone🗑
Detrimental incident, I slept 🛌 til dawn🌆

Blamed G-d, must be his fault 🤛
All Powerful … yet, where was my vault🔒

😠Anger and hate kept deep inside
No where to run, no safe place to hide🕵️‍♀️

Blocked all 👻nightmares from times past
Real-life traumas🚑🚒🚔 they didn’t last

Let’s turn to drugs 💊💉and medicate
🤕Alleviate the mind, cause it can’t wait

Filled with pain,📣 “oh, hear my cry
Despite all tries, I cannot die”⚰

WE all live in a fallen⬇️ world🌏 Filled with torment, riddled🃏 and swirled

A loving voice📯🎤🎧 then spoke to me
“My child I’ve heard your cry 😢and plea”

“I have been here all of this time -💫⛅👑
‘I AM’ ☝️YOUR CREATOR. YOU 👱‍♀️are my design.”

Anonymous💙 ⬇️




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