🍗🍖G-d’s Favorite Foods🥞


Father G-d☝️ above, you give me much love💙; YOU give me so much love💞

People need to know how very❄ cool you are👍; 👨‍🍳♨️Barbecues in Heaven⛅, just aren’t that far…🚕

This blog✒ may seem ridiculous 🤣     G-d’s favorite foods🍢🍯🍳🍞🍩🥜🌽🍽 found in the book📖 of LEVITICUS

I must say, G-D has great taste! 👩‍🍳        He blesses us with manna🍼🌮🌯- Food we shouldn’t waste🗑

Leviticus 2 – is good for desert, Unleavened cake🍰 or wafers to keep one alert 🙄?

But, G-d’s favorite meal is barbecue 🍡🍖🍗

For those who doubt 🤔 these words, check Leviticus, it’s true🤚


You probably thought we wouldn’t be fed well in the end….🍽

Barbecue gatherings🍢🍗🌭 ⛅… See you there, my friends! 🙌

🙏 Praise G-d through Christ Jesus… He is with us always… what he intends 🏁🛣⛅👑

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