Karma, Grace … LIFE


😞Life Sucks… and then You Die⚰

⁉️Have you ever heard👂?
⬇️This phrase… these words?

What’s the point? 🤷‍♀️
Hmmm…. The point 👨‍🏫 is to TRY

➡️TRY to make life as best as you can
➡️TRY to live everyday life as if it were your last
Because you believe in the son of man☝️
He is our savior whose in command🙏

It’s easy to point fingers 👉
Shift blame and give up 🙆‍♂️
Those notions will linger…
Tear one up and corrupt😠

It’s not about living life easy breezy 💨
The word “Complacency” is what’s 🧀cheesy

Yes life sucks and then we die ⚰
The point is to live, have💙 faith 🙌and try

Just like there’s an up🔃 there is a down
It’s up to us to flip it 🍳 around ⤴️

For those who were bad, there is a hell🔥
For those who had 💫faith, there’s much to tell⛅

There’s an eternal “karma” lurking and waiting ⌚🚪
Therefore be kind (like Jesus), and let’s all stop 🚫 with the hating😡


Anonymous 💙




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