😩Despair & Suicide 🔫🗡⚰


Controversial 🗞subject. Real📰, I must confess
Feel compelled to testify📣 …
To those who will hear👂aka “the rest”

🚫Wasn’t always 😊happy, 🚫wasn’t always saved 🙌
My life was filled with anguish ☹
In darkness⛼ I behaved

Unhappy as a 🏃‍♀️child, unhappy as a 🤦‍♀️teen
Unhappy in my life and pretty much in everything

Is there really a G-d? ⁉️
1 would think he’d nod
Or give some kind of sign ⚠️
Instead of listening to me whine 😭

Didn’t wait for His response
Due to panic and self “love” 😍
I took things into my own 👐hands –
A medicated🍾🍶🍻 shove

💊Uppers, downers, all things clownish🤡
-those things I did try🤷‍♀️
A temporary “fix” 💉
Deep inside my 💔heart did cry

Wait… a brilliant thought💡
A gun🔫 I went and bought 💳💵

But first, why not just try
To slit my wrist🗡 … real sly
But every single time …
I’m found alive, 🚫 there’s no crime 🚑

A loaded gun, placed into my mouth 😬The trigger jammed, I heard a shout!🙆‍♂️

Right then it dawned on me 👱‍♀️
It’s G-D☝️ who holds the 🗝key🔑
To all things including the ME
Inside of this BODY🚶‍♀️

Many years since that time, since those tears 😢
The new me has zero💪 fear

In G-D there’s truth🤚 NO 🚫 LIES 🗣
Wickedness doesn’t come from Him☝️
It’s from the 1 who HIDES ➡️😈


Anonymous 💙


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