🙏Father G-d above,
My creator, the trinity 💞I believe in and love

☝️You are our Father – You are Jesus Christ
You are the Holy Spirit which dwells in us inside 💙

You are our light 💡
It shines 💥from within us, oh so bright

🙏G-d, just as you are light🕯
Darkness roams our earth🌎- it’s in plain sight👀

I rebuke 👉THAT dark spirit as IT isn’t YOU
I have no fear 💪from that thing, I fear YOU🛐

It’s YOU☝️who created me
It’s YOU☝️ who created all, even creepy crawly things 🕷🐞🐜🐌

That thing➡️😈 likes to bother me when I’m deep asleep 🛌
But even then, it’s YOU who 🤺protects me

And if it’s your name that 📣 aloud I cannot speak,
Powerful⚡ the name JESUS,                     That thing 🙌must flee at its’ bothersome peak📈🕰

I will always fall short, while on 🌎earth I’ll always sin😔
But my faith, trust and hope💖 is always on your side, G-D will always win🏆🥇

➡️😈 So many people believing it’s lies 🗣
Now it hopes to target 🎯believers – It tries, “IT” tries

➡️😈IT belongs in its’ PIT🔥
And that day will soon come,
⚖JUDGMENT from the skies above⛅
Above us, only love💙
➡️ ☝️G-D = (equals)= LOVE💞




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