😠Enemies we will have
😠Enemies there will be
It’s hard to love💛 on “man”
Or maybe it’s hard for me👱‍♀️

What’s funny is it seems
Easy for me to see🕶
People 😠 hate on me
Despite my trying 😚 deeds

No specific person in sight 👀
Just life…. we all know it to be UNkind
Out for themselves, actions displayed are unwise 🤦‍♀️

👸A narcissistic person needs no help in their compound🏢
Captivated audiences 📺 🎬acting like they’re spellbound😈

The 👨‍🏫 intellectual holds degrees 👩‍🎓in areas of all things
To hell 🔥with all the others –
Let them air out their own kinks ⛓

No 🎧🎤 rhyme nor reason to these illustrations,
All what will matter in the end ⛅ will be our communication🗞🤝

Did we react 🤺🥊to their hatred OR instead pray 🙏 for them?
Did we tell them off 🗣 in retaliation, or ignore their behavior and pretend? 😉

Better the latter than than first
☝️Jesus was right “turn the other cheek,”
True it’s more difficult, but the outcome will be less bleek and definitely NOT weak🏋️‍♀️



Anonymous 💙


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