NO 🚫 other gods⚠️



Today’s world 🌎 is so conflicted
Filled with 😭anxiety, it’s almost wholly inflicted 💉

When will any of us understand 🤷‍♂️
We should love and lend others a helping hand 🤝

As Christ Jesus did in his time
A sacrificial lamb🐑 with no blemish…. divinely sublime 💫

The ☝️G-d of Jacob, Isaac & Father Abraham
💛LOVE entrapped a deity within a human 🤵 man

In strange times📰 we indeed find ourselves
Living another day📅, just on another one of life’s levels…called shelves 🛋

All ☝️He asked is that we place Him as ☝️👑G-D 1st
This place called 🌍earth, where we seem almost cursed 😈

A thunder⚡🌩 roaring… Do you hear👂it now?
That’s ☝️G-d’s voice, 🤛commanding a crowd🙌

We love 💞you Father, but WE ALL fall short
A life-changing mission👨‍🚀 I wish we’d abort 🚀

Nothing has changed since your Son last came
If anything, we’re more blemished and completely ashamed 😔

I must say G-d, the accuser 😈 has done well
People have lost it🤕, they’re most likely all going to hell🔥

And even though I suck as a believer with sin😕
Until my last breath🚑 through Christ’s blood I’m able to begin again 🙏🙌

Thank you for loving Humanity with agape unconditional love 💞
For you are ALPHA & OMEGA, king and creator from above⛅🛐


Anonymous 💙


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