Amazing how us humans 👩‍🏫were formed
Dirt from the earth🏜 born into this 🌍world …. transformed 🙎‍♀️

In the image of 🕎Abraham’s ☝️G-D we were made👐
💪Resilient and tolerant our 🏃‍♂️bodies have behaved 👊

The Great I AM☝️
The deity whose trinity💞 includes the Son of Man

📯I AM The First and I AM The Last 🌩
Such greatness no 1 can encompass nor outcast

Can anyone doubt 🤔such marvels in our midst ❔❗
Somehow there are people who simply aren’t convinced 🤡👹👿👽

🙏Blessed to profess you as my King👑
Humbled🛐 by your presence which protects and surrounds all things 💫

Like those before me, I too fall short⬇️
But rest assured that among 😈 evil I will NOT🚫 consort

💨BREATH OF LIFE to me👱‍♀️ is what YOU☝️ gave 🎁
My last exhale 🗣will be for YOU G-D☝️, to my grave ⚰


Anonymous 💙


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