☎️UNanswered Prayer🙏

🙏 Make a path🏞 for me Lord Jesus
If you can, please make a way 🛣
Even though I don’t deserve it
It’s with you☝️ I wanna stay

Life isn’t easy… by no 🚫 means at all
I don’t expect you ☝️G-D,
To answer📞 each of my calls ☎️📲

I solely ask🛐 G-D, that you make a way
Just as John the Baptist did for Jesus…
So that he’d be okay🙌

Of course, 🙏 I know G-D,
I’m not your Son
Nor could I ever be 💫 “a holy one”😇

I’m just a person👱‍♀️ who lives on earth🌎
But for some reason,
I’ve come to know you after birth 💞

You should know G-D, I live by faith 💞🤚
So if I ask Lord, it’s because I cannot wait

Maybe it’s a “NO” G-D – that I will accept…😔
But if there’s another way, G-D-
Please feel free to intercept💫🌩

🙏This prayer isn’t for me G-D, but for those I love 👩‍👦‍👦
Please forgive 🛐me Lord,
Display your mercy from up above ⛅

Until then Lord, I’ll sit and wait🛐
I’ll keep on working, and keep the faith🙏



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