Answered Prayers🙌



🙏G-D, I asked you to make a way🛣
📅Today you’ve answered my prayer petition 🛐
Lord, you’ve brightened up my day 💥

Through good times 🎉and in bad⚰
☝️YOU never🚫 fail me 👱‍♀️
Even when times become especially sad

Noting that sin 😈 can impede prayer petition
I actually took a minute⌚ to stop🛑🚦 and instead listen👂

💙Thank you for forgiveness
💙Thank you for unconditional love💞
💙Thank you for reprimanding 👉 me
☝️YOU rectified my path🏞 to you with a loving shove 👏

This 1 minute⏱ poem📃 I know, isn’t enough 😔
But it comes from my 💙heart with great and profound love 🤗

I love you, because YOU☝️ are true
True to those who follow and profess🗣 YOU

This sinner ➡️👱‍♀️ loves you with all of her heart💖
Thank you for changing my life from it’s pathetic original start 🏁

Psalm 66:19, “But truly G-d has listened; He has attended to the voice of my prayer.” 🙏🙏🛐🛐

⛅Eternally grateful to my faithful G-d🤗

Anonymous 💙


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