I AM☝️



LION🦁 and LAMB🐑 …☝️He is the Great “I AM”

I see your miracles 💫
I see your miracles, Lord G-d

☝️You are so beautiful ⚘🌱
You are so beautiful, Lord G-d

What can I do for you? 🛐
What can I do for you, Lord G-d?

For once I’ll put my needs aside
Instead of running🏃‍♀️ to YOU to cry 😢

What do you need from me? 🙏
Because all YOU☝️ do is give🎁 freely

🙏Tell me, tell me….
Tell me, tell me👂

I see 👀 your love 💙 for me
I see the love 💞 you give to me

I see your honesty ⛅
You aren’t like those false deities 👺👽👾

You ask nothing from me
Just to believe you’re my ☝️G-d & King👑

I hope to 👩‍✈️serve you until the end
Because you’re my everything, my ☝️  G-D and friend 🤝

You are TRUTH💪⚖ 🤛And I THANK YOU🛐


Anonymous 💙

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