2 STEPS 👢👞 FORWARD – 👟10 FEET BACK↩ The Pinocchio🤥 Effect


2 steps forward 👢👞 – 👟10 feet back↩
Today I lied🤥 to a kind person 👴
It felt like a heart attack💔

At times I feel as though very close to you 😚  ….  Suddenly things change, and then I’m just sad😔 and blue⤵️

Instead of moving closer 🐇… I feel as though knocked🥊 down by a bull dozer👷‍♀️

🙏 I asked forgiveness from you, G-D
And I hope that you understand…
Definitely should be striken with your ROD🤺

A very kind little old man👴
Deserving more than life gives in its’ plan

The elder are always targeted by evil 😈 people
That’s why sometimes one must block the bad with a steeple💒

I had to do something to keep 🦅vultures at bay 👐
That could happen IF I said I’d stay🤚🛑

☝️Lord G-d, please forgive me🛐
🗣Lying is brought about by the enemy😈

Lord YOU☝️ know my ❤heart, and my intentions
At the time, I felt the ⚖truth wasn’t worth the mention🤥

This is why I have repented 🛐 …
Forgive me Lord, for words augmented✏

I will make things right and tell the truth 🤛
For I must recognize that I am part of YOU☝️


Anonymous 💙


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