😎HOOD Work🗄🗃




At times I have to go to 💼
A place I don’t much care 😕
☝️G-D only knows just what’s in store
So, I should stop with this blank stare😑

😊Happy about this blessing 🙏
Upset about the time⌚ and where🏢
I should just stop complaining 🗣
Cuz madness😫 is everywhere

🙏FATHER please forgive me
For thinking🤔 of myself
I do remember 🤚promising
I’d go through whatever hell🔥

I kinda thought I’d be placed at – –             A somewhat more kosher  🕎  site – –  But guess that doesn’t matter –  –  –         So long as I get it right👍

Willing take my last breath 🌬
Just about anywhere🌎
🤦‍♀️Would it really matter?
Would anyone really care? 🤷‍♂️

❕How does one feel when it’s the end⚰
Even when crossing🚶‍♀️at a crosswalk🚦 One can get hit 🚗… POOF💨 it’s over my friend 🙋‍♂️

I guess that what I’m saying 📣
Is no one is really “ready”🛣🏁
I’m not afraid of dying
It’s the living whom aren’t steady⛵

G-D hold my 🤝hand while working in the hood⛼

Lead me through this path🛤

Even if just a few weeks 📅
It’s better than enduring YOUR☝️wrath 🛐

I’ve gone through my own experience of 😈 bad turned good🤗☝️

Let me not 🚫forget, I myself came from the “hood🎧”👊

Anonymous 💙



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