Having Seder dinner 🍪🍷 later on this week
THANK YOU for our 🇮🇱freedom G-D☝️
Even if most of us are bleak 😞

💔 Breaks my heart Lord Jesus
That most ✡Jews don’t believe
Bad enough they doubt G-D☝️
They lack humility 🛐

I pray for my ✡Jewish brethren
FAKE ✡Jews are no 🚫 exception

Taken out of Egypt 🐫
To a promised land🏜 we go…
40 years of walking 👟
With MATZAH 🍪 in hand👐 for show🎬

Led by the infamous MOSES 💪
🕎Us Jews were ready for a fight🥊
We trusted 🙏 in you Father
YOU☝️always get it right👍

😠Haters always rise up
Even those of our kind ➡️🕎
Annoyingly complaining 🗣
To the point of losing their minds 🤕

Searching other deities 🎭🗿🐂🏆
Despite many miracles🌊 from above⛅
Mistreatment of ☝️YOU, Father
Actions ☝️YOU were undeserving of

🛐Faithful you have been G-D
Despite our shortcomings 💇‍♂️
None of us are perfect 👌 G-D
We will never 🚫 be

Have my ✡Jewish brethren, G-D
See what I do see 👀 👓
⚰Died to set us ALL free 💨💫



CHAG PESACH SAMEACH!!🍷 [Happy Passover]

L’CHAIM ADONAI☝️🙏🛐 [Cheers toEl-Elyon na Adonai אל עליון נא אדני, G-D Almighty!]

Anonymous 💙


5 thoughts on “🛫PASSOVER🍪🍷Exodus🕎

  1. Religious Jews like sincere real Christians, i.e. real followers of Jesus, never doubt God and do worship only One True God and not a Trinity like so many name Christians do.

    Jesus is not God, but the son of man and son of God, the sent one from God and His only begotten son who is authorised by God to act and speak in His Name.

    On 14 Nisan, Friday 19 th of April in 2019, real Christians shall come together to remember the passover, the liberation of the Jews from Egypt and to remember the liberation of the curse of death by Jesus giving himself as lamb of God as a ransom for the sins of all.


    1. John 14:6, “Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me.”
      ℹFYI: I don’t blog to lecture or compete. Not here to judge or debate…. only G-D can judge. I’m just an Israeli JEWISH chick who believes the above verse including ISAIAH 53, be blessed💙


      1. Yes Jesus is the way to God, and not to himself. Jesus is not God, but when you say you are Jewish we may presume you do know and worship only the One and Only True God of Israel, the God of Abraham Who is a Singular Spirit Being no man can see.


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