💫Miracles & TRADITION🕎🍷🍪



Much madness😫 in the world🌍 today
One can’t help but trust in G-D☝️
Therefore, we pray pray pray🛐
For You G-d, are not 🚫 a facade 📺

Watch🚔👀 over us Lord Jesus Christ
Please never leave our side 🛐
🙏We ask for you to stay stay stay
For You Christ, are our only guide 🗺

You shielded us from plagues G-D😧🤒 which passed-over 🛫our doors🚪🐑
You freed us from slavery and even helped us through wars 💣

Time and time again US 🕎Jews 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 have really let You down ⬇️
Instead of abandoning us🗑 You sent your Son to turn the curse around ↩

Being 🔯Jewish ISN’T ONLY a 🕌🏯⛪🕍 “religious” thing
It’s a reminder⏰ of what our 🕍📚CULTURE and 🍷🍪TRADITION brings

Trusting in the ☝️G-D of Father 👴Abraham
Creator of all and 🌎earth…
An infinite 💫 divinity predeterminer of all plans, including the Son of Man💒



✒📄 NOTE⬇️:

To 🕎 Jews who think I’m 🤕confused, please know that I am not….

Just like ✡Rabbi Kaduri, came 2believe in Christ, so have I… maybe you 4-GOT.

Be  blessed,

Anonymous 💙



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