Father ☝️G-D, you’re amazing
you’re amazing! 😙
A force💥 of bright light 💡🔦
Which ignites the soul 💫💨within my 👀👓sight…

What words 📝🖊can I use
To explain ☝️YOU…
None are sufficient
You are too good to be true 🤗

People call this week📅 “HOLY”🛐👼
🙊Ironic because that’s really not the entire story 📖

👩‍🏫The point of your message🕊 is unconditional love 💫💞
Simple and forthcoming…📯
It comes directly from ☝️you and fits👗 like a glove 👋

I Corinthians 14:33 says, 📣
That’s the other dude➡️😈 that thing which causes major delusion😱👻👽

It’s meaning is deep and true 👨‍⚖🤚
Simple and 👑classy… that is ⬆️YOU

When thinking🤔 of you today
Reflected back on a song📻💿 that used to play 🎸🎷🎼



🛐Thank you G-D for all that you give🎁
🚫NOT in material👕 but in 🙏hope and faith🙌 that I live
Through your son, Jesus Christ 💒
We have salvation…. eternal life 💫⛅

I love you, G-d😚. Thanks for not giving up on me
Instead, you chose to set me free🌬

Anonymous 💙


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