🙅‍♀️🙆‍♂️Stress & Morbidity🙁


Yesterday morning I felt so morbid 🙃
Was almost in despair 😦
By nightfall 🌃I felt happy 😊
💻🗄🗃 Work work work…
🎉YAY, I was no longer there!

Spending time with ☝️G-D on last night’s special Shabbat 🕎
The last night of 🍷🍪Passover … due to life drama, I almost forgot 🙃

Please forgive me 🛐 Father for my self-cursed luck 🎲🎲🃏
What can I say G-d, as a person (at times) I really suck 😔

This life – oh Lord,
Is so stressful at times 🤐
🙃🤑🔱Madness and chaos reign
And 🚫 nothing is sublime 💫

But, YOU☝️ are always with me
Especially when I’m down
🙏 THANK YOU for all you do
Always… you turn things around ↩⤴️

All glory be to YOU Father G-D💫
Now and forever
Your words are the TRUTH🤚👊
I don’t plan to leave you EVER!

For if I did, I’d surely die ⚰
You’re the only 1 whose with me when I cry😭

Anonymous 💙


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