💫 Pre-Sealed ✉ 📩


📖 JOHN 10:29
“My Father, which gave them 🐑🐑 me, is greater than all; and no 🚫 man🤵 is able to pluck them out of my ☝️Father’s hand.”

Tell me of your problems… 👫my child I AM 💫here
For I will resolve them… I have made that clear 📖

Tell me of your problems I WILL CAST THEM OUT 🌬
Don’t you know MY CHILD💏 …. that’s what I AM☝️ about

Sent you down⬇️🌍 MY SON to set your souls 💨free
Don’t worry if some do not YET believe🛐
I’m sure you know ALL has been predetermined by ME☝️-

The 🕰time will come when all MY PRE-SEALED✉ will see 👀👓

For all of MY CHILDREN👫 there will be 🚫no strife😫
You are on my list 📃called the BOOK OF LIFE 📖
I knew you ALL before you were willed🙏
Please do not forget that you have been PRE-SEALED📨📩

satan 😈 roams the earth🌎 so as to lie and steal
To most it seems that evil 😈 has overkilled 🗡-
But, ALL AUTHORITY lies in ME; I ALONE hold the key🗝🔑
I AM ALPHA & OMEGA, THE FIRST AND THE LAST 💫👑… There is absolutely NO ONE greater than ME [G-D☝️]

📖 LUKE 2:14
“Glory to G-d in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.” (KJV)

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