👩‍💻👨‍✈️👩‍🍳👨‍🔬WE Wait ⌚⏰



☝️G-D of Israel🔯 when will your Son return to earth🌍⁉️
When will the end☄ come❔
Feels like we’ve waited📅 since birth 😷

❇Amazing things have happened and great 📯 prophets we’ve seen 👓
John the Baptist 🏞 showed courage. He showed us his strength 💪
👦John appeared before the 1 who was described as “the Nazarene✡”

I, myself👱‍♀️ am more like 👨Peter
A self-professed📣 sinner, trying to walk🛣 the path
Always hoping and praying 🙏 so that when Jesus comes back,🚪 I won’t suffer wrath🔥

Despite my spiritual😈 battles 💣
I’m fearless in defending 🤺
Christ Jesus my Lord
A war🥊which seems never-ending ⛈

👑King David is my favorite ❤
He’s most honored🎖 as can be
Even Jesus came from 👑David’s lineage
A historical 📚 biblical majesty🤴

I guess what I’m saying is what’s gone 🚗 – what has passed 🔙
Had great meaning in remembering💡 former promises🤚 glanced 👓

1 day (we hope soon📆), G-d’s ☝️Son will return🌍
To judge👨‍⚖ ⚖what we’ve done, exactly what have we learned👨‍🏫

Until then we 🙏wait, we will trust in your love 💞
And hold to your 🤚promises which come from above ⬆️💫⛅

Anonymous 💙


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