Do you ever wonder🤔
Wonder HOW⁉️ you’ll die ,⚰

I must confess🛐 that I do
And, I don’t know why🤷‍♀️

Look up people 📲💻🖲⌨ randomly
To find out things -Like, did they📺 believe❕❔

Looked up Desi Arnaz🤹‍♂️ and Lucielle Ball🤹‍♀️📺🎬
Before divorce💔, life’s madness😩 – befall

People act🎬🎥🎞 happy until they’re not 😔
And in the end🛌, WHAT have THEY got?

Sad😕 to see many that die 📰
Without remorse, nor much recourse👩‍⚕️-🙏Lord, is that why⁉️

💵💳Money and fame📸🎬📺 ISN’T life
😊Happy I’m 🏚poor, with little strife

It’s never ☝️G-D that is to blame
WE choose righteousness🛐 or bitter shame 😔

But one day, we all exit 🛣🚀
Exit this life🌠⛅… will it be tonight🛌⌛
☝️G-D, am I right? ❔

We all go out 🚪as we come in🚪
Alone👶 …. alone👴 …. when will our next life begin?❔

I choose to see death⚰ as a NEW life👶
💁‍♀️Perhaps this is why it’s termed “AFTER-LIFE.” ⚰💫⛅



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