👉Remember ME😚…


PowerPoint Presentation

At the cross of Calvary ⛪
A 🔪murderer, a liar🗣 or thief 🔫
Uttered the words 📣 “remember me”
Today in 🏝paradise with me, you’ll be….

We don’t think about these things🙆‍♀️
🙏Salvation, very last minute⌛you see
Despite our shortcomings ⬇️
Or even when living life 😨recklessly 🛬

It’s never too late for truth🤚
Even if we wasted our 🏃‍♂️💃youth
Christ won’t look👀 upon these things
Nothing ☝️G-D last minute ⌚can’t swing!

🚫No yellow 🚸 brick road, just waterless STREETS🚦OF GOLD!!🗝⛅👑


Anonymous 💙

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