Earthquake😯 earthquakes 😮
We are a shaking😨 mess
🙏People thinking this📈📉 is G-D’s test✏

🚫Not afraid of how I’ll ⚰die, but-
Never🤔 thought I’d shake🎢 and lie🛌🚑🚒🚔

This is truly our identification😎

This is why we 🤛must live right🛐
Or risk quaking😨🔥 and die⚰ Tonight

Maybe it’s a 🚢Navy💣NUKE ✏test
Triggering🔫 our fault lines 🏜🌋rest

Something to these film🎞 plotlines📔
San Andreas…📺🎬 forecast faultlines⁉️📡

Please 🙏PRAY for us…

📖 ISAIAH 29:6, “From the ⬆️LORD of hosts you will be punished with thunder⚡ and 🌎earthquake and loud🔊 noise, With whirlwind and tempest and the flame 🔥of a consuming fire.”

Anonymous 💙





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