Curses⚡ or Karma↩



I’m 🚫NOT as good a 🙌believer I thought myself👱‍♀️ to be
I’ve asked you ☝️G-D, to please🛐 forgive me- Oh won’t you please

I ask you ☝️G-D,
🚫Don’t allow 🤺punishment of MY 👩‍👧‍👦 beloved💞
For things that I 👱‍♀️myself have done

Let them ➡️ 👿😈 continue to take it out on me,
So that the good👩‍🎤👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 people in my family are spared and freed💨
I’ll try to rise above ⬆️
In your arms🤗 there’s hope and love

Help me Lord, help me🙏
To see my👱‍♀️ own sin please …
To better recognize the😈 bad in ME

In your arms🤗 I always wish to dwell🏡
I fear😨 YOU, and don’t wish to end up in hell🔥

I’m not afraid of THAT ⬇️🔥place
I’m afraid of never seeing you☝️
My true💞 love… your kind face 💫💥

THANK you🛐 Jesus Christ for your beloved sacrifice 💒
Deliver me from the 😈😱 wicked,
and rebuke🤜👉 all of whom may wish it.

Anonymous 💙



3 thoughts on “Curses⚡ or Karma↩

  1. The first 6 paragraphs talk about God, but also give the impression you believe that God would be a cruel One Who sends people to a torture place for many centuries or even for ever. God is not such an unloving Father.

    The last paragraph suddenly talks about Jesus, the son of God. We should be thankful for that man of flesh and blood who put his own will aside to do the Will of God. Jesus is the way to God and is now seated next to God to be a high priest for God and a mediator between God and man.

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    1. I believe G-D is loving and merciful. Yes, Jesus Christ is mediator to G-D our Father and creator. My current trials and tribulations… attacks from the enemy against ME 4 defending those I love in a legal battle. I can’t speak as to others, just my walk. Be blessed.💞


      1. Nice you came to believe in the One True God Who is All-knowing and not lying. Keep trusting in Him and accept His sent one, the son of man and son of God, Jeshua (Jesus Christ) as your helper and saviour, him being the best representative by his heavenly Father, the God of Abraham.
        Follow the walk laid out by Christ, him being the way to God and find peace in your heart.


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