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  1. Often man is cruel to other people. Often they do things which can hurt very deeply. Instead of letting ourselves being carried away by what man can do to us, we should put our hope in the things the Divine Creator can do for us, which are much mightier than that what a human being can do to us.

    We also have an example before us of a man who was tempted more than once, bullied, tortured and brought to death by impalement on a piece of wood. That sent one from God, who was at first lower than angels got made higher after he put his own will aside to do the will of God and after he gave himself as a lamb for God as ransom for the sins of many. That man of flesh and blood was taken out of the dead and taken into heaven to be a mediator between God and man. In him we have our best advocate or defender against all those who want to do evil against us. Keep trusting in him and his heavenly Father, the Only One Who is more powerful than any human being or any other god.


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