🚣‍♂️Noah’s ⛵ARK🚤



⁉️Hurry hurry⁉️ get on the ⛵🚤 boat – don’t choke🍝
But just like in 🚣‍♀️Noah’s time⏰ people treat this as a joke 🤹‍♂️🤣😂

I see the ⚠️🆘️warning signs, ☝️G-D more 👇serious than ever
Wake🛌⏰ up people, don’t think that ☝️G-D you can 🤔out-clever

Very soon 😈🤡😱👽evil madness will roam 🦉dominantly
Feel so sad for those 👤👥who profess🗣 Him yet do not SEE👀

📺Television, 👛👗🛍💄👠👔😎going out… that’s not what 🙌worship is all about
None of us are 👌perfect but G-D☝️ is 🤛begging… ISN’T HE☝️ WORTH💸 IT?

Remember👨‍🏫 my words when what I say📯📣 does pan 🍳out
It will take a lot more than 🙏🙌believing at that time, to get yourself 🚪OUT.

No one with 🤥🤑😋blemish can enter paradise 🏝
🛐Let’s repent continually for eternal life🏝⛅

WE 👱‍♀️🙇‍♂️🙇‍♀️👫can do this guys cause He’s worth it 👊
Maybe then He can deem us all as 💞💝💙perfect

Anonymous 💙



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