🚫Not Giving 👂Heed💆‍♀️

We shouldn’t 🚫 give👂 heed💆‍♀️ to the enemy😈
That thing takes enough⌚ time from us👱‍♀️👲👨‍🍳👩‍🚒👮‍♂️… mentally🤕

Jesus is right, have faith 🛐 and ignore🙏
Just hold on tight🤜 don’t bother with it😈 anymore😊

Take 🛐heed to your 💫Father through ⬆️Christ while you still can 🌎
Near is that day 🌇- the return ↩of the Son of man⛅

Keep your oil 🕯burning 🔥
Just like 🕰time, it never 🛑stops turning

Anonymous 💙

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