Messy🙆‍♂️ Tests👩‍🏫


Let’s turn “tests” 👨‍🏫 into testimonies🙏📣
Let’s make 📖📃✒📝messages out of “a hot mess” 😭
We will find 🛌 rest in ☝️Him wholly
With 🛐humility, and 🚫not to impress💍🚘🛍👢

Fear😨😯 can bring about many tears😢
💪🙌Faith 💫⛅👑 outweighs⚖ all mental🤕 wraith😈😨😱

Living🏡 for Jesus Christ, 🙌the Savior of my life⛅
🙏Thank him for love 💞 and His abundant🤗 sacrifice 🕍⛪




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