When they👥 Hate


Lord🛐 I need your help🤝
I’m so depressed😟, it’s hard to even Yelp📲

People can be so EVIL 😡😠
💩Desperation only brings upheaval 😨

⁉️But why pick on me? 👱‍♀️
It’s not my fault, that they🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♀️ can’t see👀

All I did was stand up 💪🛡for what is right
👤🗣Shady people tend to make things🏹 worse, and unite👥

😔Distracted, I can’t even rhym📔🖊
Lord🙏, PLEASE help me through this time ⌚

I tell you I’m 🚫not bible 📖 “Job”[PRONOUNCED JOBE]…
🙌I believe in you and want my 👕white trib🔥🌆 robe

Anonymous 💙





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