Justice👩‍⚖ for the WICKED👿👹
Despite THEIR 😈 unbelief
It causes us much 😔sadness
And there is no relief💊💉🍻

IF you are a 😨VICTIM
Get used to the 🥊🗡abuse
And IF you are a 🏚BROKE-ASS
Get used to their🗣 excuse

I love you 💛Jesus Christ
You’ve transformed my entire life
But it seems like life is for THEM😈⬇️
🙏Help make our 🛌nightmares😱 end

We get NO reply🤳📲📞
Yet THEY🕵️‍♀️🕵️‍♂️ tell all their lies
Are we left to consult with any1⁉️❔ wise 🤔

And even then,
I don’t see 🤓👀 a friend 🤝
❔What exactly does ☝️GOD intend?⁉️

Why can’t HE⬆️ keep focus 🔎
On those 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦whom belong to Him?
Instead of allowing the 😈enemy to almost always win?🏆

Nightmare ✡Rosh Hoshana
Our 👤🕵️‍♂️perpetrator won🥇👨‍⚖
So 🇺🇸Americana…
Our hope is so far🏃‍♂️ gone 😔

So, don’t go out and ⚠️🏴🏳picket…
There’s only ⚖justice for the 👺WICKED

I ⌚wait for 📖 Matthew 13:49…       Leave this 🔥hell-hole 🌎earth BEHIND❕

🙏Here’s hoping that ✡YOM-KIPPUR will keep a better score✔

Anonymous 💔




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