👰🤵Wedding Reception🍷🍾🎉💒


🛐Lord GOD, this is it… we are truly in the end ⌛
Surrounded by corruption 👥🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♀️and lots of sin 😈
It seems that YOU☝️ have been our only friend 🤝
Your ⚡powerful name is what will help us win🏆

On that 📆day, YOU will be all that we need
When trumpets🎺📯 sound off 💣and everyone takes heed 🏥🏨⛪🕍

A demon👹 came to visit with me late last night ⛼🌉
I told it I BELONG TO ☝️YOU, so I put up a fight 🥊
I wasn’t afraid 💪🤜because I KNOW that I’M YOURS 💞
Looks like the 😈enemy is taking 🌏earth tours🚎🚞

Things had been 🤷‍♀️⁉️strange between you and I
BUT today YOU 💛restored me –
🙏Hope is now within my sight👀

I’ve missed you🙁😢 dear God
You’ve been my best friend 💕
From 👶adoption, to abuse👊
You never lit up🔥 a fuse

🙌Believers are ALL going through something 😫😟bad in life 🏘
I, like so many, have taken the name “your wife”👰

That 🤵👰⛪🕍💒wedding we’ve read about is drawing nigh📆
WE continue to keep⌚watch,
🛐WE lift your name on High!⛅💫

Thank you for 😷healing my 💖heart,
Which has been ☝️YOURS from the very start🏁🛣

Whether by 🕊RAPTURE⛅ or by DEATH⚰… it’s only ☝️YOU to my last breath🌬

Anonymous 💙


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