Post ✡Yom Kippur🛐



Several of your 💖miracles
I personally have seen🤓
📣Tell everyone about them🤚
Your☝️ miracles 🚫aren’t routine

🛐Atonement … 🛐Atonement
There’s hope for 👨‍🏫enrollment!
Yom Kippur 🙏prayers- YES, they were recited🗣
But thoughts of injustice🙁 crept up … REIGNITED🔌

🛐HaShem, there’s 🙇‍♀️nothing that ☝️YOU yourself can’t do
This is why injustice has me so unglued😨

🙏Please don’t wait!
Restore in us ALL 🤚true faith! 🙌
➡️Guide us toward the 🚎road in which to go🛤🚦
Help us, help us soften this blow🥊

In the meantime, 🙌thank you for Christ
Otherwise my soul would suffer a heist ⬇️⚰🔥😈




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