🕎8 Days🕯Upon Us

🛐Creator, oh King👑 that leavens🍪
Where ☝️G-D are YOU at?
YOU live 🏰and 👑reign in heaven⛅
👨‍🏫That’s a matter of FACT

Do you hear👂me, Lord🙏
Don’t hide your🕵️‍♂️ face from me
Instead, please📣📯 hear my cry😢

📆8 days are upon us…
Days called 🕎CHANNUKAH🕯
About the 🤺Maccabees & Esther👸
NOT🚫 some guy🙎‍♂️and his harmonica🎵

Similar to 🚑🚒🚔9-11…
A time⌚ we will 👉”NEVER FORGET”
The anihalation⚰ of Jews✡
🔊”NEVER AGAIN” now shouted without regret 💑

Anonymous 💙


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