🚫👼Un-holi Day

🙆‍♀️I’ve said it once
I’ll 🗣say it again
I can’t wait for this 😨nightmare year to come to its’ end⚰

🎄Holidays are overdrive
From 🗣arguments and 🥊fights people👥  cannot hide 🕵️‍♂️

🙏The better a person that I wish to be-
The more 😈satan succeeds at blocking🚪me

My boss 👴alone now lays 🛌
In a hospital🏥🏨 bed today
His age is 95,
He has no🚫 God for which to strive🤺

For days now I have wished🙏
To take him a 🕎Hanukkah dish🍲
To say goodbye and pray🛐
With Jesus⬆️ I hope his heart💓 will stay ⛅

😟Impossible it seems
But ☝️GOD sees👀 everything
He knows what’s in my 💛heart
Right now it falls apart 💔

Tonight satan😈 wins 🏆
Sums up how next year might begin🔥

Not everyone’s life 🏡 is happy;

Mine 4 some reason is almost always crappy💩

Here’s hoping yours is better!🤗 To change this gloomy weather🌦🌫🌩



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