😈Demonic ☄🌏Occidental Asteroid


Came across some information📰
I didn’t want to know😒
Please note my hesitation
Emotions I didn’t wish to show🙈🙉

🤜I refuse to fear you satan😈
So put that in your mind🤕
You have 🚫NO classification📋
You’re 🕵️‍♂️👥evil is beyond unkind

Some idiots👿👹👺🃏🤹‍♂️ may follow…
you’re ridiculous cessations🐃🐐🦉🦇
But us children of the Most High☝🏼 GOD💫💙
know you’re true limitations🔥🔚

Enjoy your 15 minutes⌚
Because that’s all you got⏰
Soon you’ll be in Hades🔥
and wish you had a yacht🛳

Anonymous 💙
ℹSome THING➡️😈may be coming our way⬇️ (per Govt FAA)



➡️ATLAS – The ATLAS Project

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