In 🙏🏻Remembrance of 👑Christ Jesus Messiah💫⛅

For your sacrifice🐑
We don’t look back
And we 🚫don’t think🤔 twice

All glory💥 be
To ☝🏼GOD our CREATOR🙌🏻
Through Christ JESUS👑 (☝🏼God’s son)
There is 🚫NO ONE GREATER⬆️

Easter is pagan 😈
Also PAGAN is the Star✡ of David
So, instead what I will say 📣…

NOT so Anonymous💙

➡️Jewish Text📃 & Holy Bible📖

⤵️Holy Bible📖
*Recite for Communion🍪🍷⤵️

⤵️Jewish Tanakh📃

➡️➡️Some Jews (NOT ALL) & The Sanhedrin⤵️
[Jesus was sentenced⚖👨🏻‍⚖ to death⚰ by ✡Jewish LEADERS known as The Sanhedrin🕍]


8 thoughts on “In 🙏🏻Remembrance of 👑Christ Jesus Messiah💫⛅

  1. Thank you for the word 📖 of GOD, Tikvah. Reading Isaiah 53 from Tanakh, it is very clear that it points to ➡️ JESUS, the Son of GOD. As I’ve said before in one of our first discussions, 1️⃣”I’m not surprised because JESUS’ first followers were Jews”, 2️⃣ I’ve heard 👂of similar stories when I was a kid🙋🏻‍♂️, and 3️⃣ I’ve seen two other Jews in this WordPress community alone, professing ✍ JESUS as the Christ (also, one of the narrators in the Bible Project in youtube is a Christian Jew). But it does warms 🌅 my heart 🤍 again and praying 🙏 that other Jews in Israel 🇮🇱 or any other parts of the globe 🌎 will accept and confess 🗣 that it was JESUS all along, the Messiah and Lord. Keep the faith and light 💡 to the world Rabbi Tikvah.

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    1. GC, more and more of us Jews are coming to know Christ as Messiah. There’s a huge organization called ONE FOR ISRAEL✡ located within Jerusalem. They teach👨🏻‍🏫 about how 1) Jesus was Jewish, 2) Jesus followed Judaism and 3) ALL APOSTLES WERE 🕎JEWISH. Unfortunately most traditional Hasidic or Ultra Orthodox practicing Jews believe Messiah ℹWILL NOT BE JEWISH. Instead, Fake messiah will be pro-Jew, and help Jews, but not be Jewish. THEY ARE WRONG🚫 Messiah already came… Messiah is JESUS.

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      1. Right Tikvah! Thank you for adding my knowledge on this matter. We will pray that eventually they will see the light. Only GOD can touch their hearts. Only GOD elects those whom He chooses. Wait, is it dawn already in California? Sorry, for making you awake with me responding. It is almost evening here in Metro Manila. Anyway, good morning ALFJ! 😉

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