💙MY LAST BLOG✍💻⌨🖱Letting Go👐

➡️Watch “Jesus A Christ appears in a tree, seen by 500+ in Colombia prompting locals 2 break covid19 lockdown” on YouTube

🔎Came across a few YouTube💻 videos📹
That profoundly touched my heart💙
I immediately started crying😢 and completely fell apart🛐

I’m sure it’s 🚫not a secret🙊
I truly hate😠 this world🌏
🌎 ⬅️It’s torn me💔 into pieces
My life was twisted 🙅🏼‍♀️& twirled

💻📲Watch “Rapture Dreams” on YouTube

Similarly to the above girl⤴️
I also felt a void🌑
🗑Orphaned as a baby👶🏼
Grew up🏃🏼‍♀️lost & annoyed🤦🏼‍♀️

All of that has changed
My life🏡 Christ💙 rearranged
All I thought I needed 💵💳🏰🚘
💙 CHRIST ALONE has surely heeded🤗

There’s ⚠️urgency in the air 🌬
☝🏼God’s spirit 💫 does not fool🃏
Must adhere🙏🏼 to what ☝🏼GOD says
☝🏼GOD does not 🚫 direct👉misrule

It seems…
Almost ALL Countries🌐 have merged
Yes, it’s kind of a shock😨
➡️ This information📰 is crazy
Wish I had “One World🌎” sunblock🏖

Whatever time⏰ I have left
I wish to spend with Christ💫🛐
I’ve done what I can to prove
That Jesus💞 was sacrificed💒

My friends🤝🏼 it’s been my pleasure 😚
But it’s time to say goodbye👋
I’ve wasted🚮a lot of time⌛on earth🌍
NOW…. I wonder🤔 why🤷🏼‍♀️

🌳 Life is about CHRIST⬆️💙

Stay safe and be blessed💖
Hineh Ma Tov🍷🎉


💙Rabbi Tikvah Dolch


🛐Prayer for Believers🙏🏻🙌🏿💞 ‹ Anonymous Lover of Jesus Christ ‹ Reader — WordPress.com


15 thoughts on “💙MY LAST BLOG✍💻⌨🖱Letting Go👐

    1. You are funny my friend 😄 Yes, I posted my last blog. Going to focus on what Christ wants me to do.➡️ I FEEL THAT TIME IS SHORT. ℹDid you see, nations are merging into ONE WORLD. I posted pics of my Google search🔎
      😈Antichrist rise

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      1. …short and there are many things to do for GOD; too many to harerst. Nope, I did not read it yet. Maybe tribulation and JESUS’ revelation is soon; maybe. So much more we press on (Philippians 3:14) Rabbi Dolch!

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  1. Going back to your post, it is actually sad but somehow, I believe that you will blog again or work on a similar ministry. GOD has a way, in His divine providence, to move pieces and mold us according to His purpose. And you already glorified the Holy Trinity in your blog, especially talking about your love for JESUS–the CHRIST/MESSIAH, our Lord and Savior. Now, in GOD’s will, I wish that you spread further the good news to the world and your community of believers, Rabbi. KIT! GOD bless Tikvah Dolch! 🙂👍

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