Father ☝️G-D, you’re amazing
you’re amazing! 😙
A force💥 of bright light 💡🔦
Which ignites the soul 💫💨within my 👀👓sight…

What words 📝🖊can I use
To explain ☝️YOU…
None are sufficient
You are too good to be true 🤗

People call this week📅 “HOLY”🛐👼
🙊Ironic because that’s really not the entire story 📖

👩‍🏫The point of your message🕊 is unconditional love 💫💞
Simple and forthcoming…📯
It comes directly from ☝️you and fits👗 like a glove 👋

I Corinthians 14:33 says, 📣
That’s the other dude➡️😈 that thing which causes major delusion😱👻👽

It’s meaning is deep and true 👨‍⚖🤚
Simple and 👑classy… that is ⬆️YOU

When thinking🤔 of you today
Reflected back on a song📻💿 that used to play 🎸🎷🎼



🛐Thank you G-D for all that you give🎁
🚫NOT in material👕 but in 🙏hope and faith🙌 that I live
Through your son, Jesus Christ 💒
We have salvation…. eternal life 💫⛅

I love you, G-d😚. Thanks for not giving up on me
Instead, you chose to set me free🌬

Anonymous 💙


A Prayer🙏 for YOU… yes You, the Reader😚



Today📅 I was in deep thought 🤔
About the things that I pray 🙏
Thank the Lord for what he gives🎁 and things He☝️ takes away 👏

I always pray🙏 for my brethren 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦…
For all who still believe 🛐
Life is slowly changing
And darkness😈 seems to cling 🐒

This poem📄 Prayer Blog
Is especially for YOU 🙇‍♀️💏
📲So if you’ve come across it 💻
I was moved to attend YOU 💛

Maybe your life is good😊
Or maybe you’re feeling sad🙁
It could be that you’re just bored🤗 ….
OR you’ve been through something bad 😢

Basically what I’m saying🗣 …
Is maybe you need an 📣 “AMEN!”
To a prayer before G-d’s 💫 throne 📯
So, let me be that cyber 📲💻friend 👱‍♀️

I pray that G-d be with you💙
I pray that G-d respond✉…📲
May ☝️G-d bless you & keep you
Safe along with your loved ones👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

🛐FATHER, I “AMEN” this brother or sister’s prayer🙏

For everybody knows that you’re the ultimate prayer 🙏slayer🤺

Be blessed,

Brethren verse



💙 Valentine’s Day 💞


Another 👹 pagan holiday 💘 has our way come
Therefore, I’ll use it to honor the one that I love 🛐

G-d the Great “I AM” is ☝️His name
Of Him, I will never be ashamed

So powerful that He’s 3 in 1
The Father, the Son 👨‍👦and Holy Spirit 💨 dwelling ⛪ among

⬆️ He gives me more love 💙 than I could ever need
He protects 👮‍♂️ and defends me, my enemies 😠 must take heed 🏕

☝️He is my shelter from any storm ⛈
When I am ❄cold, it is ⬆️He who keeps me warm 💂‍♀️

I let Him down- 😕 everyday – I’m to blame
Yet He lovingly forgives 💖 me, despite my shame 😔

YOU ☝️Adonai, are my ultimate love 💝
As wide as the sky⛅, pure and white as a dove🕊

🙏To YOU, G-d, be all glory👑💥💫 and honor 🛐
Without YOU in my life, I know I’m a goner⚰

Agape 💞 LOVE is the purest kind
For YOU are all ⚡powerful and sublimely devine 💫


Anonymous 💙